Driver License Restoration

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Monday, 10 October 2011 16:49

Restoring a driver's license can be a difficult and long road. If the driver has lost the license from multiple alcohol related offenses, which usually is accompanied by repeated driving while license suspended offenses, the suspension period may be long.

Many drivers do not approach the restoration during their suspension period with the proper logic and attention. To make matters worse, a driver will often attend the first restoration hearing completely unprepared for the questions that are inevitably asked.

It takes significant preparation for the hearing, both in the years preceding the actual time for possible restoration but also specifically in the months leading up to the hearing itself. The administrative notice that is sent to the petitioner is a road map of requirements that must be fulfilled for the petition to even be considered. The Driver License Appeal hearing officers are required to make evidentiary findings to decide the petitions so the required documents are scrutinized thoroughly.

For a petitioner to succeed, the person must take the position of the hearing officers very seriously. The restoration will not be considered unless there is evidence that the driver is not likely to repeat the offense and that the driver is taking active steps to ensure sobriety into the future.

The most successful cases I have assisted clients with included enough time to develop a game plan to impress the hearing officers that the restoration is not only good for the driver but is not a significant risk to society. Drivers need to take the process seriously or it is extremely unlikely that the petition for driver license restoration will be granted. Call us today to schedule a consultation 734.475.8671.


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